Welcome Freshmen!

You've finally made it; college life! This is a very exciting time.

The next 4/5 years will define who you will be as a person for the rest of your life.

In so many ways your university years influence your personality, from the classes you take to the friends you make, from the nightlife to your Jewish experience.

"Jewish experience?" you ask.

Well then, welcome to The International Jewish Student Center Of Boston, or "IJSC" in short.

You're soon to find out that doing Jewish in Boston is fun and accessible! 

If done right, you will create friendships that will last a life time, while you grow and adult in a community environment of international Jewish students just like you! 


Orientation Shabbat

Your first Shabbat at IJSC will be one of those experiences you will cherish for a long time. Friday night begins with a lively service, followed by a delicious dinner!

Where: IJSCB, 8 Museum Way, Cambridge 02141

When: Friday September 6, 7:15 PM


Welcome (Or welcome back)

Enjoy a delicious Kosher dinner, and meet fellow Jewish international students!

Where: IJSCB, 8 Museum Way, Cambridge 02141

When: Wednesday September 11, 8:00 PM


Be sure to follow us on Facebook: @ijscb Instagram: @jewishbostonic

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International Jewish Student Center of Boston

8 Museum Way Cambridge, MA 02141

International Jewish Student Center of Boston - A Division of Chabad Lubavitch of Cambridge, Rabbi Hirschy Zarchi, Director

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