We invite alumni, parents, and all those who care about the Jewish future to support the vital work of the International Jewish Student Center of Boston, which serves as a Jewish home in Boston for international students studying in colleges in the greater Boston area.

​​We are a 501c(3) charity organization, all contributions to it are tax deductible. 

Please address check to:

International Jewish Student Center.

Mail check to:

Chabad Lubavitch of Cambridge
38 Banks Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

$250: BBQ & Shiur

$600: Shabbat day services & Kiddush
$1,000: A Semester of Ten Yad Volunteering

$1,200: Shabbat Dinner

$1,800: Semester of Lunch & Learn

$2,200: Holiday Dinner

$3,600: Mega Shabbat Dinner
$10,000: A Semester of Torah Classes
$18,000: High Holidays or Passover

$1,000,000: Name the organization: “[Family Name]  International Jewish Student Center of Boston”


$750,000: Name the building and center of International Jewish Student Center of Boston


$360,000: Name the synagogue – Reserved


$120,000: Name the Aron Kodesh


$90,000: Name the Kitchen


$72,000: Name the Library

$50,000: Sefer Torah


$36,000: Name on Founders Wall

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International Jewish Student Center of Boston

8 Museum Way Cambridge, MA 02141

1 617-304-3406

International Jewish Student Center of Boston - A Division of Chabad Lubavitch of Cambridge, Rabbi Hirschy Zarchi, Director

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